Professor-the-Bull1Unique is an understatement, sensational is an overstatement (for now)! Professor Luke and Antonio the Bull are musically entertaining. They will take you on a musical vacation trip of you life-time… you can enjoy “Professor and the Bull” at the Commodore Hotel Highway 100, Linden, TN Friday October 12th from 6:00 till 9:00… bring your favorite wine to go with your dinner or call us for a last minute reservation at our historical hotel. (931-589-3224)

Luke (Professor) Schindler is a guitarist/ vocalist/ songwriter from the historic riverboat city of Marietta, Ohio. He grew up listening to his guitar-picking faather and singing along with Pink Floyd and Beatles records; he developed an early love for he music of the 60′s and 70′s. Luke became serious about the guitar in his early teens; also at this time he began a serious effort tot write lyrics. His influences are folk artists like Matt Costa, Andy Hull, and James Mercer, blues artists like Muddy Waters, Lead Belly (Huddie Ledbetter), Son House, jack White and numerous other legendary artists. This young developing artist’s presentation and song styling of covers and originals is interesting and entertaining.

Anthony (The Bull) Azzi, a self-taught percussionist, spent his youth where he was born in the farming village of Ashley, Ohio. He would use any object he could find as a drum; Bull still uses the snare drum he was given in elementary school. His earliest recognition of music is rock and roll and the sounds of Motown. Bull found enjoyment in modern rock groups that emulated vintage sounds such as The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Wolf Mother as well as other folk and alternative styles. for the most part, early exposure to music of the 60′s and 70′s has shaped his playing style and open-mindedness, thus forming a light-hearted drumming style. Anthony played in several bands from his middle school days through college. What they play today is a variety of great songs to please you musical palette.

The pair met while attending Marietta College where both have recently graduated-Professor with a chemistry degree and Antonio The Bull with a degree in Art. Discovering they had similar taste in music, The two worked up a few sets and had success playing the college venues in and around Marietta.

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